Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Treasure Trove for Researchers, Librarians, Mindanaoans

It is not everyday one gets to stumble upon some treasure. While navigating the web for a research paper I am intending to write, I came upon eMindanao Library: An Annotated Bibliography.

This project, initiated by the Center for Philippine Studies at the University of Hawa'i at Manoa, forms part of a bigger e-Mindanao Project. The vision is to eventually come up with a web-based repository of digital resources to include both born digital and digitized resources.

Perhaps it will be worth exploring  ways of getting involved. Researchers, academics and librarians from Mindanao and the Philippines can probably contribute by building on this bibliography. It will sure be a wealth of information that will mainstream Mindanao's narratives and surface the creative and critical minds of its people

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